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PTA - Pure Tone Audiometry

PTA standard behavioral test of an individual hearing sensitivity. Test results are recorded on a graph called an Audiogram. Audiometry provides information about hearing levels across the frequencies used in speech. It gives an inference with regard to how well, or how poorly, an individual can hear specific frequencies and for a comparison of one ear to the other. It also allows a clinician to make inferences with regard to diagnosis and possible management options.

P TA is a subjective, behavioural measurement of hearing threshold, as it relies on patient response to pure tone stimuli. PTA is used on adults and children old enough to cooperate with the test procedure. As with most clinical tests, calibration of the test environment, the equipment and the stimuli to ISO standards is needed before testing proceeds. PTA only measures audibility thresholds, rather than other aspects of hearing such as sound localization and speech recognition. However, there are benefits of using PTA over other forms of hearing test, such as click auditory brainstem response (ABR). PTA provides ear specific thresholds, and uses frequency specific pure tones to give place specific responses, so that the configuration of a hearing loss can be identified.